Wednesday, September 09, 2009

crazy moments at the rocks again...

i got back to lamma on a sunday, the next day i asked margie to go watch the sunset with me. it was a very hazy evening. clouds everywhere.. i thot i wouldnt be able to see the sun. but then suddenly the clouds made a clearing to reveal the big bright orange yolk. i was so happy! we stood facing it, closed our eyes and breathe in its positive energy! and only a few minutes later, as if the show has ended and the curtains are drawn and the sun is behind the clouds again. it was a very brief moment but it was all taken in in totality. see the little sun above my head. : )
then crazy things start to happen at the rocks again..

we are part of the shrubs...
feeling the earth beneath our bare feet is great! i feel connected to nature.
'live close to nature and you will never feel lonely. don't drive those sparrows out of your veranda, they won't hack into your computer.' haha..
i love this little paragraph from 'the book of nature' by ruskin bond. its my bedtime story book. his delightful tales of nature brings a smile to my heart.


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