Monday, September 14, 2009

typhoon koppu is here

hey i hope you girls like what you are seeing from the preview. its typhoon no.8 now. there are so many typhoons this year. please let this one comes and goes peacefully. om shanti om.

the wind is howling, the sound of it, together with some previous conditioning of how much stronger a typhoon is felt in lamma, plus a rooftop, this good mix of ingredients had succeeded in creating some kind of anxiety attack. i am trying to stay relaxed as i work, with a cup of rosebud tea and some biscuits. all my hk friends have called or messaged me to stay indoor, dun go out, stay safe, be careful. on the other hand, evelyn, my friend from uk just text me to say she is talking a walk in the wind (or gale i think) to buy a fat piece of cake!! (good thing she didnt invite me along! haha) and i was telling her WHAT!?! i am having problem trying to stay relaxed and she is telling me her 'wind walk' is in order, all set to go! she told me she grew up being taken to the beach in a storm by her dad so its perfectly normal. haha very interesting... different people react differently to the same typhoon.

yes we are all end products of the conditioning from our society, our education, parents, friends, even loved ones. this is part of what we have to go through however which if we realized that they are merely ideas of who we think we are (that is, good ones we keep, those which do not serve us anymore, lets discard them). if we realized this, may we try our best to wash these images away, layers by layers to reveal our true essence. may these ideas and concepts not get in the way of us living a life of infinite possibilities.

deep inhale deep exhale... oh i need another sip of the rosebud tea and maybe burn some calming essential oil. haha.. om shanti om...

p.s. stay tuned, i am going to post some of the latest items up tonite! hehe...


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