Friday, September 11, 2009

i love plants

hello girls, how are you doing on a friday nite? i am enjoying a quiet friday nite in, keying all the new items into the computer. i am very happy with what i bought today!! tomorrow, saturday is always my shooting day. sunday i have some friends coming over. we are going to walk to the beach, soak our feet in sea water and then walk to the organic farm to buy some potted herbs. that would be fun. haha.. i am also thinking about how to do up the roof with as little money as possible which is a challenge. i want a really old worn out rustic look. well.. maybe the first thing i should do, is to walk around all the dumping areas in lamma and see if there is anything worth picking up. haha sometimes i see some 'ang moh' DIY uncles doing it. they like to repair the old broken furniture and turn them into something useful again. recycling is good.
look at these beautiful gardens from the selby. i am so into gardening and plants now. i even bought myself a little set of gardening tools to help dig out the weeds. haha..

yeah i want one of that on the roof! a giant squirrel would be perfect! haha.. but i would really like a huge plant and one of those huge chinese dragon pot for the water lillies.. oh and just lots and lots of plants. people buy shoes, i buy plants. its just as addictive trust me. i want to grab margie to go plant shopping with me soon. but first, i think i have to go find 'ying jie' the vege seller from lamma. she has a nursery where i can get some cheap and big plants and she can deliver them to the house.
anyway. happy weekend everyone!


Blogger codlings said...

Hi! i was just thinking of your little lily pot that u wanted to do this morning! Yes! U shld get some water lilies and fish for ur chinese pot- they will keep ur water clean!
Big leaves- u cld try bird nest fern, they can grow very huge!!!
Recycling- try fruit crates! even ur old can be used too!
I wish i cld go HK n help u!

September 12, 2009 1:48 AM  

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