Monday, August 10, 2009

the shoot yesterday

yesterday i did the most tedious shoot so far.. haha becos of the weather but i really wanted to do it upstairs and try to get a bit of sunlight into the photo. so if you notice wet hair sticking to my face.. smudging eyeline.... tiny droplets on my neck.... they are not part of the art direction nor styling. haha.. check out my dirty feet. hee... i am doing the layouts now. the launch will be up tomorrow! thank you all! have a wonderful week ahead! love to all.. live life to the fullest.

oh i forgot.. throughout the shoot yesterday i had company! check this out! 2 tiny caterpillars checking out mr. frangipani. when i saw that i was like, see mr frangipani, i told you you will have so many new friends on lamma. haha
this photo is specially to you, margie. when i saw them, i was like 'wow i just wrote to margie about you guys....' the universe is alive. i feel it moving through life in the most subtle but magical ways. nature is wonder.


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