Friday, August 07, 2009

i have a friend whom i am so proud of

today i am reminded of life's utmost important lesson (in my opinion): to be grateful for everything we have now. the simplest things... the ability to eat, to drink, to talk, to sing, to walk, to see, to sleep, to wink, to blink our eyes, to type, to think, to feel, to inhale and to exhale... all these without pain and difficulty.

today i learnt that a friend of mine, has just been diagnosed with brain tumor and is going for surgery next thur. it is not cancerous fortunately, still it is a major surgery.

i had a busy day. breakfast with evelyn, then went on a buying trip, then to rachel's house to collect the plant. after dinner, this sad piece of news started to sink into me. throughout the nite, 2 things came into my head: urgency and seriousness in life.

how much more time does this currently perfect-functioning body of ours has? and how much more time do we want to waste in the things that are of no importance and value in life?

i start to have a strong conviction in my head that i am not going to entertain any more of the trivial stuff in life. you know stuff like, those seemingly innocent chatting among a bunch of women (especially those you are not very close to) which very often developed into more of a gossip session, or a 'therapeutic' afternoon of complaining or wallowing in self pity. there are so much more worthier things to do in life, dun you agree?

as much as we are encouraged to have fun and enjoy our life, it must be balanced with a certain amount of seriousness. right? to me, this seriousness is a mere gesture of respect and gratitude to our existence.

let us not waste any more time in the meaningless.

i made a promise to myself today that i shall try my best use my time more wisely and constructively. you dun need to do very ambitious 'save the world' kind of things. a good way to start would just be taking better care of ourselves by making sure we have regular 'me' time, exercising regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep... all these very basic stuff which we often forgot.

ok i have to end today's blog with what my friend wrote about his tumor.

'And just for the record, I am VERY confident that I will be absolutely fine. When I was first told, it came as a complete shock. However, the more I talk to specialists and the more I learn about this whole thing, the better I feel about it. And if I feel positive about it, so should you ;-)'

YES! i have complete faith that you will have a speedy and complete recovery following the surgery.


Blogger codlings said...

Hi Suyin, i like what u wrote. Very enlightening, esp the part u talk about having more 'me' time. Thanks!

*ps. btw, wht plant did u collect? mind share? I think u got v interesting plants & ferns in your neighbourhood, as observed fr the photos fr 'I AM NATURE' series.

August 08, 2009 10:29 AM  
Blogger Suyin @ said...

thank you codlings.

hey i just blogged about it. oh yes over here, its really a magical eclectic mix, handcrafted by mother nature herself. there are a lot of fruits trees, bamboo, pines, palms, ferns, vines, a single stalk of lily growing out of nowhere... i duno how to describe..its a wild beautiful mess and i love it. i am actually shooting a series on nature in lamma. will share with you guys when i have more stuff.

hugs, suyin

August 08, 2009 2:03 PM  

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