Monday, August 10, 2009

a little mantra for healing

good morning girls. feeling a little grey this morning.. its drizzling over here now. my friend's brain surgery this thur early morning has been on my mind quite a bit. i am waking up at 6am to chant the tibetan medicine buddha mantra and then do the mahaa mrityunjaya mantra (hindu mantra to lord shiva) for him on thur. its the littlest i can do i guess. he said i am wierd. yup. but i enjoy it. chanting mantra with your heart is truly powerful, and it works for me.

isnt it the most soothing music you ever heard? it is for me.

tayata om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze radza samudgate soha.

last evening kit and i went to join a bhajan organised by a new group of yogis friends. we really enjoyed ourselves learning new mantras. i am really excited becos we will have the next one at my place. they do this every second sunday of the month. they all look forward to coming into lamma. kirtan at the roof!! yes! another of my dream manifesting...


Blogger jiahui said...

suyin sis, read the news regarding mira in your blog. recently, one of my degree friend's husband passed away suddenly on a business trip overseas. She brought his body back to sg in a plane. They are only in their early forties, has 2 kids and they looked very healthy to us. This is very sudden and shocking to all of us, esp my friend. I am visiting her in her place today. Slightly worried as I dont know if I can handle the situation later well. But i wish to be there so i am going. I remembered seeing this mantra in this post so I chanted it outloud a couple of times for all the people who needs it, esp mira and her family, yourself, my friend and her family. You take care.

August 12, 2009 4:40 PM  

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