Tuesday, July 21, 2009


good morning girls! well good afternoon i suppose. have you browse through the new items? this cute little zip up cotton tunic, you can actually wear it zipped up (shorter) but unzipped. i like the draping effect when you zip it up but maybe its better to wear it over your jeans or shorts. a bit too short on its own. hee..
i like the sharp iris blue (it looks dark on my screen i duno why) its actually quite bright. instead of always sticking to black and white, something sharp for the summer is good, attract some butterflies. haha..
i love this colour combination, beige and blue. i am wearing this out today for dinner with my friends. actually i have it on me right now. i am thinking to match it with the dark grey skinny or maybe the khaki one.
i also like the dark blue and grey version. great for a nite out! with leggings.
earlier last month, we featured the dark grey and purple colour of the same skinny jeans. this week, we bring in light yellow and green for those who want to inject a bit of zest into their monotone wardrobe!
light yellow and green work really well with any of your black, white and grey tops. try it!
alright girls! enjoy! enjoy enjoy! sun is up today in hong kong after the typhoon.

take me to see the full collection at NEW IN at WWW.KYURII.COM now!


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