Sunday, July 19, 2009

welcoming MOLAVE!

hello girls! last nite was typhoon no. 8 here in hk! i love the name of this typhoon, its call MOLAVE! she is strong and its a direct hit to hong kong past midnight last nite. its also my first typhoon 8 in lamma. and with a roof, i have to get prepared! luckily the strong crazy woman, hahaha dearest miss margie was here to help! oh thank you to miss margie's powerful 'chataranga' arms haha.... there she goes again, her favourite pose again!
being silly is the way to life! yes! and of coz, colourful vegetables is the way to a healthy life! this morning, after MOLAVE, yeah! all is well! YEAH WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST 8 ON LAMMA! also thanks to my nice english neighbours, julia saw us struggling with the canvas on the roof, so she asked her husband les, to come over to help. he helped us rolled the roof canvas in and moved the plants.
oops forgot this rug! my cat slept peacefully through the stormy nite, with his favourite rabbit lantern watching over him. : )
funny how i used to watch those cantonese drama, and people would stick these masking tape on their windows when there is a typhoon. and last nite i was taping these big 'X' es. fun! haha...
thick clouds still hovering above lamma... bye MOLAVE...


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