Thursday, December 03, 2009

more inspirations!

just found these on the net. so more inspiration for those who bought the harem pants! harme with heels and clutch yes! love the first look with a casual tee but clash with heels. cool. NEW ARRIVALS this week!
oh my butt is aching. and neck also aching. oh girls, fyi, i havent been to yoga for nearly 3 months now! hahaha... after i came back, i had that sprained ankle so i couldnt go. and then slowly slowly slowly that time allocated for yoga is slowly consumed by other stuff. winter time, hibernation time. it just feels so right doing something less rigorous. like painting, contemplation, meditation, not talking much.. you know.. ok. its 4:30pm, thangka time! i am going up. see you in a bit!


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