Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kyurii Dec: What I Wear Today!

if you girls put together all the photos i took for 'What I Wear Today', you would probably know the way to my house from the pier! haha... becos they are all taken when i make my way to the ferry pier.
1134-009 NEW ITEM! silver studs trim cardigan
1014-009 splash print tee
1121-009 photo not available yet. watch out for this pair of ripped jeans! i love it! it will be up tomorrow. :P

i love the background of today's shot. i love it even more when i found myself standing exactly where there was a gap at the side without pre-looking at the screen (coz i was rushing for the ferry, i only had like 5 mins before the ferry leaves at that time!). i snapped and then ran. haha....


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