Wednesday, December 02, 2009

good morning everyone!

hey how is everyone feeling? i am feeling peaceful. every time i wake up early (at 5am this morning) and do some writing or reading, i feel really at peace. it is really quiet now here in lamma, even though its nearly 9am. i feel the neighbourhood is still asleep even the birds, i hardly hear much chirping today. or maybe its like that every winter morning. the nests must be much warmer. even the cats are not moving much, they are like chicken sitting on their eggs. except for the black kitty, she is busy looking around for her friends with wings. oh looking at her little paw resting on the window sill. so sweet... she is so sweet but oh so shy. have a fantastic day ahead! i am going out to lunch with jac later and then back to lamma to continue work. talk again soon.


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