Tuesday, November 17, 2009

yes, all my past photos are nothing but dust in the wind

hello girls! yes the hard drive of my macbook went dead last nite. i got it fixed today. now its all ready to roar!!!!!! from a 60gb to a powerful 500gb! however everything in my old hard drive is gone! all photos everything! haha i am kind of used to it. the last time it was 2 years ago, and yes this time, i didnt back anything up too. this is a very good reminder of impermanence in life. i remembered 2 years ago, when i lost all my photos, i was devastated. this time, i am feeling fine. now my laptop feels so light and clean! haha.. at some point in time, you just have to let go of the past accumulated stuff. everything that needs to stay is in my heart.
anyhow. i am so so so happy that i did not delete the photos of the new items i shot last weekend from my camera. which means i dun have to reshoot them. i just have to re-download them. phew phew phew... so ok girls, i hope to get the photoshop installed soon (i am having some problem with it now) and get the new items launched by thur!


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