Friday, November 13, 2009

more of dharamasala!

every afternoon after the teaching by the Dalai Lama, there is tutorial given by Geshe Dorji, whom we are most fortunate to have as our teacher. every evening we would go to his room and have a Q&A session over dinner with him. jac and i met 2 wonderful dharma friends from singapore, alvin and faith. we had such a lovely time together, even though it was so brief. streets along mcleod ganj. the little blue tents are all little street side shops selling earrings, bracelets, malas (prayer beads) and little trinkets to tourists.
shopping! haha not really.. i didnt buy any. on my first trip i did shop quite a lot.
we gave the little girl a pack of chips. she was so happy.
they are everywhere. it makes me sad to see the animals rummaging the trash. monkeys and dogs too. life is really harsh.
may the common dream of all tibetans come true one day soon.
i love the cafes along the streets. check out the drawing on the froth of the cappucino. haha..
watching the beautiful sunset against the pine trees and occasionally, hearing the chanting of 'om mani padme hum' from a pilgrim walking by. somewhere deep down, i feel i belong there.


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