Friday, November 06, 2009

Nepal 2009: off to namo buddha to hang prayer flags!

prayer flags fluttering in the cool himalayan breeze, this is a common sight in nepal. i am off to namo buddha with my new friends, makino and his monk friend, tenzin drakpa (meaning famous) whom i met at pilgrim bookshop cafe. we were joined by 3 other friends.
look at the amazing light!
namo buddha is the place where thousands of years ago, buddha gave his body as food for the tigress and her cubs.

tenzin famous, makino and namgyal in a little prayer. all of them are buddhists, makino studied tibetan language and buddhism for 8 years in nepal. going into silence retreat for 3 months in solitude in a cave, where food is brought to him by villagers once everyday. i read of monks or nuns going into retreats like this some for as long as years, but it is very intriguing to actually bump into a young cool guy around my age who did that. it is interesting to watch a japanese guy, a french man and a tibetan monk coming from different cultures and countries but bonded by their common love for tibet and buddhism. usually the common language would be english when different nationalities get together but this time, it is tibetan, not english they are conversing in. during prayer, suddenly their usual casual joking manner is silenced and taken over by an air of seriousness. it was a touching moment.
the little prayer flags boys waiting for us to finish then they will help us hang the blessed flags. they are really professional about it. haha...
poor thing, this one broke his arm during one of his earlier jobs. so this time, he can only watch his colleagues in action.
there is a common misconception about prayer flags that they carry prayers to 'gods'. it is rather that the tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all. off we go to hang the flags!
we all wrote our names on the blessed flags.
i am so lucky to meet such wonderful friends on my journey.
famous tenzin in his 'gucci' glasses! haha! this is something about monks and shades! they love it. hahaha... oh i am going to miss his funny but sometimes very hard to comprehend tibetan jokes. i love my canon eos even though i still am not very familiar with it. thanks kym!


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