Friday, November 20, 2009

Kyurii: what i wear today!

hello girls! i did it! despite the cold cold winter, i managed to layer up all the various (not so thick) items from this week and feel warm in them! as i mentioned earlier that i was so desperate to wear the new items, and i realised when you are desperate enough, things usually happen. haha.. but guess what i was wearing altogether 5 layers. can you feel the wind in the photo? its strong. my hair was all over my face! haha.... i needed that 5 layers.
layer 1: the basic purple tank top
layer 2: an old basic round neck long sleeve tee
layer 3: the new bohemian flowing blouse
layer 4: this checked cardigan (see below) which is sold out i think. i cant find it online. i wore it unbuttoned over the white blouse. final layer: this lovely volumy checked wide sleeves button front jacket. please note that the sleeves could be rolled up. i forgot to show it in the photos below. and its good for a medium sized lady.

oops there is a sixth layer actually!!! the black textured scarf! haha so very crucial in keeping my neck warm. its available at FirstDay only. ok goodnite girls. i am tired... sweet dreams to all.


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