Friday, November 20, 2009

we love flinging fringe!

good morning everyone! i am having problem trying to get out of bed lately. haha... its so cold and my bed feels so warm. and i am having trouble trying to locate my thick jackets. and i realized that for the past few years, the winters in hk had not been cold and therefore, i stopped buying the thick stuff. i duno what happened, these few days its just freezing. i really want to wear this week's new items out today but i have to see how i can layer them to make myself feel warm in them.
i really like the fringey stuff! haha thats why i got 3 fringey items in this week. haha.. but in different colours and cuts. check these out from the shades of mauve, violets, pale pink go so well with different shades of grey. love it! this pants is quite cool yeah!
p.s. we have revised the files on the website so that you can see the entire enlarged pixs. sorry for any inconvenience caused. i am still encountering some tiny problems on my new hard drive. i hope everything will be smooth sailing really soon. thank you.


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