Friday, November 06, 2009

many exciting things coming up for kyurii!

good morning girls! i just came back from buying.. ooh lots of nice stuff! then now i have to rush to get them all shot and launch for next week! ah...... i feel my trip was like an illusion or like a dream. becos the minute i am back, i am bombarded with work rightaway. haha... thanks to my best buddy, leekeng. haha.. i arrived on tues night, she gave me a fantastic wake up call at around 8 am the next morning and we didnt talk about any other thing but work. my mind had to switch from the 'super slow thangka painting' mode to the 'super fast work' mode. i did well! an hour into the conversation, i am ready to rock n roll!

i think maybe some of you have received our email regarding kyurii debut at FIRST DAY (far east plaza). this is the first time you can find kyurii items in a shop! it is a new blogshop shop. we are really excited and rhope that it will do well! more details coming up soon!

oh i miss this room, this simple room at the shechen guesthouse which i spent most of my days in during my trip. and this is the baggy nepalese pants which i bought from thamel and wore most of the time during the trip. i got some of them in grey (the one i am wearing here) and black to sell at i really love them. so comfy and i am going to show you how you can dress it up with your work clothes. look out for them next week! haha posing in dharamsala (india) on our way to another guesthouse way up in the mountains. i wish i have all the new items there with me, the sceneries around make such a good backdrop. next time maybe kyurii should plan an oversea shoot. this is part 2 of my adventure where i flew to delhi from kathmandu then travelled 12 hours by bus to dharamsala, home to the tibetans in exile also home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama. i was there to receive HH teaching on the 4 noble truths. more about it coming up..
sending hope, peace and love to you all. giving hope to others is so important i learned especially when the other is feeling frustrated or down. if we are really able to listen and say a few genuine words of encouragement, it would make such a significant difference. for a start, lets try to cultivate the awareness to take note of the nuances of others' feelings.
ok i need to go down and get some groceries and then plunge back into work. so much going on! love you all..... take care and have a fantastic weekend ahead!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Suyin, can we have a preview of the baggy nepalese pants? So excited!

November 07, 2009 8:06 AM  

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