Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kyurii This Week's Backorder!

hey girls, this item is now available for backorder! dont miss it ok! sorry we are not able to get any more extra stocks for the owl sequin tee and that feather print tank.
have you girls got this jacket? i love it.. i wore it out today but no time to take a photo of myself in it. i matched it with the light grey skinny jeans (see below). i love the colour combination, pale mauve with light grey, with the feather print tank, or any slogan tee would also be nice. as long as it has some print on it, i like it monotone though. oh today as i was trying to think of what to wear, i tried out this short dress with my skinny jeans, and wore it belted. its not too bad, i kind of like. if i have time tmr, i will shoot and show it to you. i am leaving for singapore tomorrow.. 1pm flight. but yes, as usual i have not packed. hahaha... i feel so tired after 2 hrs of yoga today becos i havent been going to class for almost 10days. i think. i like to wear the belt it high waist, preferably a light coloured thin belt. and complete the look with light coloured strappy sandals.

ok! i need to prepare my luggage making sure i got everything that is needed for the next 3 weeks. oh i know i will miss this lovely house and its vibrant energy, and the 3 cats and all the plants and yoga and the ferry.... oh this evening i took the 6:20pm ferry home, i saw a lovely patch of rainbow.. its absolutely gorgeous. i feel like telling everyone around to look! no one seem to be looking at the sky. they were looking eye level at the sea and most are reading. ah... too bad i dun have my camera with me! ah.... i love taking the evening ferry, i always feel so fortunate and grateful when i sit outside and just look at the vastness of the sky and the light... and just dwell in amazement for the next 30 mins.


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