Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ferry virgin

that's my new nickname given by maurice (yoga teacher). bumped into him at bookworm cafe last sunday. he lives in lamma, actually the yoga community is here. we were chatting and he gave me that name. and guess what? yes the next day, i screwed up big time. i missed the 9:40am ferry and somehow i thot the next one is at 10am. every 20 min interval, right? NO! 9:40am is the last 20min interval one, the next one is at 10:30am. woah! my entire schedule for the day was delayed. and then i slotted in the coins to pay for my ticket, and i thot like the MTR, the machine will give you change back, right? NO! it takes only the exact amount. i paid 20hkd instead of 14.50hkd. woah!
I NEED TO STUDY THE FERRY TIMETABLE WELL and plan well the night before going out to the city. last night during dinner with my girlfriends, i had to check the time constantly to make sure i catch the 11:30pm ferry home if not i have to wait an hour more, and if i miss the last one at 12:30am, i will be stranded on hk island. haha fun yeah? ferry virgin doing a not-so-good ardha chandrasana at the roof. my torso should face the camera and then my head looking up, hands in one straight line and top leg toes facing camera, power in both legs, engage core.


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