Tuesday, August 04, 2009

typhoon goni is here

hi girls, last night typhoon goni became a no.3. the force of the wind was really strong. i could hear the roof canvas flapping throughout the nite. i couldnt sleep well... i was waiting for day break and repeating in my mind 'its a calm and peaceful nite' haha.. i was actually thinking if i should go up and roll that canvas in, but there is no way to do it with the wind blowing hard. finally i feel the light coming through from the curtain. oh it feels so comforting even though the wind is still howling angrily. everything seems to feel better when there is light.

oh i seriously hope there wont be an 8 becos i dun wan to go through the series of precautionary measures again. this was taken after typhoon 8 last month. i wonder who come up with the name for the typhoon each time.


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