Saturday, August 01, 2009

i love the ferry and i love to chant

my once a month 'karaoke' kirtan was good tonite, i really love those with a very traditional indian tune. then we went for dinner, then i rush off for the 10:30pm ferry. same ferry as margie and kara. i really love it, we can always call each other and see if we are able to take the same ferry home or to the city... 'hey are you on 10:30pm?'. its reminds me of the school bus days when we were younger. haha.. it feels really nice to eat, drink and chat on the ferry, filling each other up on the days happenings.
kara and margie came over. i was still so into my chanting mood, so we put some music on, had some chips and lassi, and continued singing! i am glad my neighbours did not complain. oh yes, and we did more henna.
tessy loves marge, and b&w loves kara. different cats like different friends. b&w doesnt respond to marge at all, even though she is here so often, he just leaves her alone. but when kara came, he went straight for her.
we all bought the same tibetan bangles. haha! i love this house... it has great energy! all my friends love it too. thank you house.
ok goodnite girls. om shanti shanti shanti... peace to all....


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