Friday, March 13, 2009

but i can enjoy my roti prata for now.

hello girls! how is everyone feeling? weekend is here again. : )
i am having roti prata with vege curry now. yum yum. when i am here, i am all roti prata. when i am in hk, i am all into the cake. there is a time for everything right. if not we would be missing what's happening RIGHT NOW.

so alright all about roti prata today! you know it's such a joy that we are a multi-racial community, where the food from different cultures are so readily available for us, and also tasty and cheap. you seriously dun get this in hk or anywhere else i think. say if i am having a craving for indian or muslim food in hk, i have to go to an indian or muslim restaurant to eat them. but here, we get them everywhere. oh this is such a blessing.
maybe next time you eat that roti prata, nasi lemak, indian rojak, mee goreng, or even just nasi with archar (one of the hardest stuff to find overseas, trust me! i must learn to make it myself), be so thankful. or at least, think about all our fellow singaporeans suffering overseas.... haha. those living overseas, i am sure you know what i m talking about. haha. lucky for me, i am very near home. imagine those far away in the west, my brother once suffered such a bad craving for mee rebus, that he used japanese curry and spaghetti as a substitute. GENIUS! if you think about it, japanese curry actually does taste like the mee rebus gravy! they say desire is the root to our sufferings, but it does lead to some level of creativity at times. oh i just heard one of my ex-classmates, she opened a restuarant in costa rica becos she missed the food too much. she is a scuba diving instructor living there. yes! another eg. of desires leading to something positive. cool, isn't it?

nevertheless i am glad we are brought up with such a diverse taste palette to appreciate different cultures cuisine. when you appreciate the food, you also appreciate the people. : )
ok ciao! have a great weekend, i am heading for leekeng's house now.


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